Have you checked your roots lately?

Hello friends, family and other random victims who are really, really bored at work.  You are reading the first entry in the “Girl, Get Your Roots Done” sensation! The idea for this blog came to me one beautiful summer afternoon after having one too many iced coffees and catching a glance of my ‘do in the rearview mirror. Daaaaang. Rearview mirrors don’t lie, do they? That unrelenting root- revealing angle, paired with a case of over-caffeination, sent me into a full on Code Red situation.  I called the salon and pleaded with the receptionist for an appointment. Sure, I’ll rearrange my schedule. Yeah, I’ll skip out of work.  I need to get my roots done, girl! Don’t you understand?!

Don’t worry, I got an appointment. I know you were on the edge of your seat. And, don’t worry, I’m not here to preach about giving up such luxuries.  My pocketbook and I are clinging to these “sun kissed” locks with a death grip and we’re not letting go anytime soon. I think it’s absolutely fine to take pride in how you look.  My concern is that so many of us give more urgency, time, and resources toward making things like the tops of our heads look pretty while our most important roots- the roots that ground us, sustain us and feed us -are shriveling due to neglect.

Women feel so much pressure to work tirelessly for the perfect body, hair, house, relationship and other outward signs of success.  So much energy goes into these pursuits but something still feels “off”. We wonder why happiness and a sense of contentment remains out of reach. I know I’ve been guilty of looking for the secret to happiness at the mall and I have expected relationships to make me happy. Through personal experience and my role as a therapist,  I see so clearly that we cannot truly enjoy the fruits of life–career, relationships, family– when our roots are unhealthy.

So, I hope to help you get rid of the ugly roots.  The ones that don’t show up in the rearview mirror, but rear their head in the most important facets of our lives. The nasty, gnarly roots that prevent us from pursuing our dreams and keep us in unhealthy relationships. The damaged roots that prevent us from loving wholeheartedly, committing to our health and embracing countless other joys this life has to offer.  And hey, I’ll even make it easy for you by showing up in your inbox. No travel, payment, or frantic scheduling required.  My hope is that my ramblings will remind you to pay attention to what sustains you; to nourish the roots that follow you every day and everywhere you go.

Girl, it’s time to get your roots done.



  1. Suzanna says:

    Girl! I NEED to get my roots done! Sooo thankful you are counseling and starting a blog. You have always had a wonderful sense of humor and I know you will brilliantly bring that into helping us all put things in a positive perspective! Love you and I am very proud of you my friend! You are a blessing to all who know and love you!

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